Frajola ended up on Pablo's arm, next to the scale, symbol of the Law.  (Photo: Personal Archive)

To mark the case that resulted in a lot of fight, the cat will now be marked on the arm of a Bachelor of Laws

Frajola ended up on Pablo’s arm, next to the scale, symbol of the Law. (Photo: Personal Archive)

Bachelor of Laws Pablo Chaves hasn’t even gotten his OAB card yet, but he’s already one of the best-known people from Mato Grosso do Sul. The fame came with the fight for the cat Frajola to continue living in the condominium he chose, even without an owner. Now, to close the loop, the pet marks Pablo’s life literally, as a tattoo on his arm.

The black paw and the kitten’s face with green eyes and pink muzzle are printed along with the Right symbol. Pablo closed the cycle yesterday with another achievement. In addition to being officially adopted by residents of Residencial Mangaratiba, in the Tiradentes neighborhood, the fine went from R$5,000 to R$20,000 if the court decision is not complied with.

Studying for another OAB exam, he has already decided that he will continue in the area of ​​Animal Law, after history has gained national fame, given an interview on the program Encontro, by Fátima Bernardes and even ended up in Portugal, for creating jurisprudence in Brazil. “I never imagined. I already had a passion for animals, but now, I’m going to unite with the Law”.

The will is to face actions on mistreatment, try to reconcile in the case of pet custody, which currently yields even a pension for those who keep the animal, if there is no sharing of responsibility. “There’s a lot in this area, including, now, I’m doing a Jus Animalista postgraduate course”, he says.

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