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Glorioso must, little by little, enter a new phase in its history, but it may lose one of those responsible for the new moment.

Photo: Vitor Silva/Botafogo
Photo: Vitor Silva/Botafogo

After the confirmation of the sale of SAF (Sociedade Anônima do Futebol) to businessman John Textor through a vote of the members, Botafogo fans will be able to see an important piece on this board leave the club. According to information from the newspaper Or Balloon, the club’s CEO, Jorge Braga, is already considering leaving Glorioso after reaching the goal that should leverage Botafogo football.

“The Botafogo S/A project did not start now, it started in 2019, but in my opinion it needed a clear demonstration that Botafogo had management, the ability to do things, transparency, seriousness, to be able to face this new era”, said Jorge Braga in a recorded demonstration to Botafogo fans. The top hat is suspected of having Covid-19 and could not be present this Friday (14).

Observing Braga’s own speech and words, It is possible to notice a farewell tone from the CEO, who has held the position since March 2021. The professional stood out for his good relationship with John Textor, which certainly made the process of selling SAF easier.

“Today, January 14, is a milestone for Botafogo and a personal milestone for me. Today a cycle ends. I feel very happy, very happy, but also very emotional and accomplished for having completed what was perhaps the biggest professional challenge of my career. Greetings from Botafogo and long life to Botafogo”, spoke Braga.

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