After kissing photo with Yung Hurn: Palina Rojinski is engaged

About the private life of Palina Rojinski is little known. The German TV presenter keeps this out of the public eye as far as possible. A statement that the 36-year-old recently made in an interview was all the more surprising.

Palina Rojinski got engaged

“Humor has always been important to me, and my fiancé and I simply have the best sense of humor together,” replied Rojinski when asked by the Süddeutsche Zeitungwhether she’s been with someone who doesn’t share her sense of humor.

In the interview, the actress and presenter did not go into the engagement. Your manager confirmed this to the image – without giving further details. It is therefore not known who Rojinski’s fiancé is.

Rumors of relationship with Yung Hurn

Rojinski was recently said to have a relationship with the Austrian rapper Yung Hurn, whose real name is Julian Sellmeister. In 2017, she was regularly spotted with the Austro celebrity and appeared with him on Instagram, which sparked rumors. At this point, Rojinski had a report from the image According to her, she separated from her boyfriend Joachim Bosse after four years of relationship only a few months ago. She then traveled to Berlin with Yung Hurn. An insider told the newspaper at the time that their relationship status was “in the works”.

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