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A communiqué issued on Tuesday points to changes for this and the next season; see details

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Brazilian beach volleyball team. (Photo: Reproduction social networks)

After the strike of the athletes of the Beach volleyball which was reported in the press this week, the Brazilian Confederation of Volleyball (CBV) published a statement on its official website, responding to requests from athletes, such as planning for this season, number of doubles in disputes, base tournaments and more. See below.

“The national calendar, according to the new plan, will once again be annual, with all competitions beginning and ending within the same year”, is the excerpt that opens the CBV note, responding to the manifestation of athletes in the sport who complained about the last days, through an open letter that was published by O Tempo, about the organization of this season. According to the athletes, there was disorganization and lack of communication regarding the activities of the season, harming athletes and their respective technical committees.

“CBV understands that the need to conduct the main championship of the sport, made over the last few years, starting and ending in different years, no longer makes sense, considering that the international calendar, led by the International Volleyball Federation, FIVB, too, will no longer remain this way. The Beach Volleyball Unit (UVP) sees benefits with this change, enabling better product communication, integration between the various existing competitions, in addition to returning the vacation period before the start of the seasons, also enabling training periods more suitable”, says the note, and continues:

— Thus, for the year 2022, the UVP is already working on the process of assembling the calendar, taking into account the restrictions still imposed by the pandemic, analyzing not only the possible host cities, but, mainly, a format that allows a system more effective general competition. — points out the Confederation, which signals that it will create an integrated calendar for the next season, making better use of the athletes’ potential and thus valuing the sport in national territory and in regional aspects.

— Regarding the stages of the base categories, they are already annual and remain so. As well as the adult category, they will define, in 2021, the champions of the Brazilian Beach Volleyball Circuit 2021 Under 21 (02 stages), Under 19 (02 stages) and Under 17 (01 stage). In competitions Under 19 and Under 17, the format with athletes from the same State Federation will be maintained. As for the Under 21, athletes may have their affiliations in different states. — points — […] Soon, the CBV Beach Unit will release new information and will be looking for new tools for continuous and direct contact with the entire beach volleyball community. — finally closes CBV’s Beach Volleyball Unit.

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