Noctua has started selling low-profile heatsinks for 12th generation Intel Core processors

Noctua has long been known for its legendary brown fans and quality chillers, but has recently started producing black chillers and fans, breaking a long tradition that has clearly set it apart from the competition. But this year will bring another shock among the fans – white.

Noctua totiž published a roadmap for this year, in which the launch of new white fans is ready for the last quarter. Since computer fans often design the interior of the cabinet with a specific color, Noctua is on trend. Not only motherboards and RAM, but also graphics cards or power supplies are available in white.

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At the end of the year, Noctua should also introduce a new generation of the powerful NH-D15 cooler, which has changed since 2014 only with the release of in 2019.

This quarter, however, we will see an unknown two-tower 120mm cooler from Noctua. In the second quarter, the power supply hub for 8 fans will arrive, and in the third quarter, for example, the new generation of 140mm fan, 24V fan and new heatsink models for Intel Xeon processors.

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