Larisa Guzeeva.  Photo: video frame.

Larisa Guzeeva. Photo: video frame.

Larisa Guzeeva last fall suffered a severe coronavirus. For almost a month, the host of the program “Let’s Get Married!” held in the Moscow city clinical hospital №40, popularly known as “Kommunarka”. Even after being discharged from the covid hospital, she admitted more than once: it is still very early to talk about a full recovery. Larisa still suffers from the consequences of the coronavirus, which has brutally gone through her entire body. The 62-year-old TV presenter admitted that she was tormented by insomnia, mood swings and fatigue. In addition, she started having memory problems, which negatively affects her work. The famous TV matchmaker told about this in the next issue of the Let’s Get Married! Program.

During filming, a member of the show began to complain about his ex-wife. Like, the ex-spouse is behaving inappropriately, and she has obvious problems with her head. These words pissed off Guzeeva. The TV presenter stood up for the woman and said that this could be said about anyone. As an example, Larisa shared her own experience, saying that she, too, is not all right with her head.

“After the covid, my cuckoo really left,” Guzeeva said. – I keep myself at work, I have unmotivated aggression. For no reason, no reason, it covers me. My family knows this and they pity me. It’s not my fault. This is an infection.

In addition, the TV presenter’s memory suffered from the covid. She often confuses and forgets words.

– I have memory problems. I start to speak and forget the words. This evokes sympathy, – explained Larissa.

The TV presenter can’t come to her senses after the covid.  Photo: Instagram.

The TV presenter can’t come to her senses after the covid. Photo: Instagram.

Guzeeva sought medical help at the end of September right after she returned from Crimea. The TV presenter spent the weekend at a spa resort at a private clinic. Arriving in Moscow, Guzeeva felt unwell. She had a temperature of 37.5 and a cough. Larisa did a home rapid test for coronavirus, which gave a positive result. After that, Guzeeva asked for medical help, and she was taken to Kommunarka. Her condition worsened every day. The actress had 60 percent of the infection in her right lung and 50 percent of her left.

When the TV presenter was admitted to the hospital, her husband Igor Bukharov said that Larisa categorically refused to be vaccinated. In his opinion, this is why she contracted coronavinus. Bukharov advised everyone to be vaccinated. And he cited the situation in his own family as an example.

– I urge everyone to get vaccinated against coronavirus, this is a real chance to save people. Here is a personal example for you: in our family, I was vaccinated, my son and daughter were vaccinated, Larisa was persuaded – you also get vaccinated. She refused. And she went to the shooting in the Crimea. A few days literally, and this is the result, you know … – Igor threw up his hands.

For a month in the hospital, the TV presenter reviewed her whole life: she realized how happy she was, but did not appreciate it.

– I was reborn, it seems to me, – said Guzeeva. – I also thought that everyone would die, but I would stay. It will touch everyone, but not me. But no, it doesn’t choose that way.

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