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After trying to escape to Brazil taking the place of another woman on a flight, Jade discovers that she is pregnant. In the next chapters of The Clone in Worth Seeing Again, the young woman will be punished by Said and will live difficult times. See what will happen in the plot.

How does Jade discover pregnancy in The Clone?

The attempt to flee Morocco for Brazil left Said furious to the point of asking for a divorce from Jade. But as the custom of their religion dictates, the then-wife must have three periods before the official separation. In the process, Uncle Ali’s niece will discover she is pregnant and will again have her fate far away from her beloved Lucas.

The discovery comes when Said meets Ali during a dinner to define new suitors for the rich. Meanwhile, Jade will pass out alone at home. The girl will be assisted by a doctor and as soon as she recovers, she asks what is wrong with her and then discovers she is pregnant.

“I’m not divorced anymore? Why did Allah do this to me, Zoraide? I was leaving for Brazil, my uncle was going to pay for my college education”, says Jade, desperate with the direction of her life.

The girl will be very sad with the situation and will be consoled by Zoraide (Jandira Martini), who says that Jade must accept her fate and tries to cheer up the girl by saying that she received a gift from Allah.

Seeing how depressed Jade is, Said goes to Zoraide and asks what’s wrong with his wife. The maid doesn’t reveal any details and says he should know about the matter from Jade.

The two sit on the bed and Jade then reveals that she discovered the pregnancy. Eager to have children, the man is happy with the information and celebrates: “I was blessed”.

A man is happy with the news, but Jade is not – Photo: TV Globo/Reprodução

Khadija will be the daughter of Jade and Said

When Jade and Said’s baby is born, Zoraide announces that it is a girl. Upon seeing the child in her mother’s arms, Said says that the daughter’s name will be Khadija and Jade says that this was the name her parents wanted for her, before ‘Jade’ was chosen. “It is the name of the first wife of the prophet Mohamed”, comments Ali. “A very blessed, impetuous name”, celebrates Abdul (Sebastião Vasconcellos).

Soon in the soap opera, the audience will see Jade and Said’s eldest daughter, in the skin of actress Carla Diaz. Khadija was one of his most famous roles on the small screens.

khadija daughter of jade the clone
Girl is devastated by the birth of male brothers – Photo: TV Globo/Reprodução

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