Elderly woman pointing out where she felt pain due to the disease (Photo: Disclosure | Defender's Office)

Injunction was won through the Public Defender’s Office during the forensic recess

Elderly woman pointing out where she felt pain due to the disease (Photo: Disclosure | Defender’s Office)

Diagnosed with coxarthrosis, a disease that causes wear and tear on the hip joint, and suffering from pain for years, the elderly Loides Ribeiro, a resident of Nova Alvorada do Sul, a city 116 km from Campo Grande, managed to obtain an injunction in court to perform a BRL 119 thousand.

Through the Virtual Platform of the Public Defender’s Office of the State, during the forensic recess, Loides scheduled the service and reported suffering from chronic pain and still having restricted mobility.

According to public defender Cássio Sanches Barbi, from Nova Alvorada do Sul, with the advancement of the disease, the elderly woman had joint involvement in her right hip and therefore urgently needed total arthroplasty with the use of a prosthesis.

“We officiated at the Municipal Health Department and in a consultation with a specialist by the Caravan of the Orthopedics Task Force, the urgency was confirmed. In this way, we ask for the granting of emergency guardianship”, said Cássio.

The Technical Support Center of TJMS (Court of Justice of Mato Grosso do Sul) gave a favorable opinion for the injunction request and then, Loide underwent surgery on December 28, 2021 and is already at home recovering.

“I didn’t even expect to have the surgery in the same year. We scheduled the service through the Virtual Platform and, soon after going to the unit, the Health Department contacted us in December. The doctor said that recovery will take about 90 days, but I’m already moving with the help of a walker. ”, said Loides.

In all, the wait was 35 days, after scheduling the virtual service.

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