Again actions by police unions at Brussels airports... (Zaventem)


The police unions are taking action on Friday morning at the airports of Brussels and Charleroi. At Brussels Airport, “actions take place at passport control for travelers to countries outside the Schengen zone”, explains Nathalie Pierard, spokesman for the airport. In Charleroi, the joint trade union front meets at 11 a.m. for a filter blockade that would last until mid-afternoon.


Today at 08:29

At 7.50 am, the waiting times for passengers at Brussels Airport rose to 40 minutes due to the trade union actions. In Charleroi, the union front plans to start its actions outside at 11 am, but the actions will start earlier in the morning in the airport terminal with “tightened checks”. In addition to a pay rise, the police officers are also demanding a reform of the end-of-career career. The mobilization also exposes the numerous cuts in federal police resources.

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