Agatha Moreira
Agatha Moreira (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Agatha Moreira has been drawing the attention of viewers with its hot scenes in the rerun of ‘Secret Truths’, a soap opera that will even get a new season soon. In addition to the success on TV, the actress has also shown her audacious style on social media.

Proof of this was a sequence of photos shared by the famous in her Instagram. In the records in shades of black and white, Agatha appears all sexy wearing a very transparent look, showing a part of her breasts and covering only the essentials.

On the social network, your publication quickly attracted glances. and was surrounded by numerous compliments and affectionate messages from fans, famous friends and admirers, such as her boyfriend Rodrigo Simas, who made a point of leaving an emoji of heart and another of “fire”.

“Socorro falls hard with beauty!”, said a friend. “Cat, beautiful, muse, diva, perfect… I wanted to be your friend since I was a little girl”, commented another follower. “Look why the IG fell. I was trying to upload this post, right?”, joked another internet user. “Giovana is going to rock out in Verdades Secretas”, highlighted another admirer of the actress.

hot scenes

And speaking of audacity, Agatha Moreira recently commented, in a conversation with the website Cena POP, about the hot scenes starring her in ‘Secret Truths’. The actress explains that, behind these sequences, there is always a lot of care and delicacy in the artistic direction.

“It’s a very well-rehearsed choreography. We have to think about so many things. Light, camera placement, how we’re going to protect ourselves. This teacher shows many things that we can’t even imagine. Sometimes, just a hip position or a tiptoe changes the entire sensual power of the scene”, she said.

Dating with Rodrigo Simas

In the same interview, the famous commented on her relationship with Rodrigo Simas. At the time, she praised her partner and explained about the decision to live with her loved one.

“I was right, who had said that I would never live with anyone again. My previous experience was not cool, there was no partnership in the division of tasks and that ended the relationship. But with the pandemic, Rodrigo and I were living together and one of the gaffs was always empty. We came to the conclusion that our partnership was working. We talk about everything. Sometimes we keep what we feel because it can hurt the other. But, okay, some frustrations and anxieties will really hurt, but they need to be said. All with respect”, she explained.

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