Agile and Strong: Gustavo Ayala begins his journey

La Piedad, Michoacán.- A new challenge for Sabonim Gustavo Ayala brings this 2022, and it is that, accustomed to working with discipline as for 22 years for the good of children and youth piedade, begins an adventure with the “Agiles y Fuertes” project.

We are going to complete 22 years of education for our children and young people from La Piedad and as in the beginning of 2000, when we started a previous project, this time we are convinced that we are going to reiterate our commitment to society”, commented Gustavo Ayala.

In this walk as a promoter of the sport, in this case the Tae Kwon Do, Gustavo Ayala has consolidated martial arts academies of great value to our municipality, thanks to the support of his family in particular.

During that period of tireless work, the Sabonim Gustavo Ayala He has taken many children and young people to the highest levels in this sport, but today when he starts the “Agile and Strong” academy, he knows that he must continue with his motto: Create good citizens.

It will be a 2022 sports festival for me personally, from now on we want to share with our city this step that we have taken in which we seek to continue within the taste of the piedadenses, “he added.

Within the process for “Agile and Strong” are to continue with tournaments, exams, seminars, exhibitions, combat school, Bong Sul Do, but above all each class will be better than ever.

Gustavo Ayala Perez (Black Belt 6th Dan) shared the upcoming challenge on his social networks, but he considers that with the support of his loved ones, in this case his family will achieve the goals to be achieved.

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