The Agnes Model USA School and Agency carried out its summer activity in the city of Miami, Florida, in order for its students to put into practice the knowledge acquired during the basic-professional level 2021.

The workshop was aimed at girls and adolescents in the modalities of good manners, refinement, etiquette, protocol and photographic pose.
Among the places chosen for the internships was the iconic Café Dior, at 162 NE 39th St, a cozy space under the warm Miami sky, where the sweetness of the menu was combined with the world-wide art that the establishment possesses.

With French inspiration, Café Dior served as the setting for the refined evening evening, where the spontaneity, warmth, socialization patterns, conviviality and behavior of each girl and adolescent who participated were combined.

Other of the emblematic places they visited for the training was the Versace Mansion, of Greek and Roman mythology, a room that captivated the prominent designer Gianni Versace.

The management of the Agnes Model agency, which Hidelky de Peña runs in the United States, selected the installations of frescoes gardens and bronze sculptures, where the main dinner was held in the Mediterranean style.

Hidelky highlighted the importance of this type of experiences for the students’ learning and expressed his satisfaction with the level of knowledge of the participants in each test.

“The main objective of these activities at the table, with receptions how are you, is to know the etiquette guidelines, different from what most think, etiquette is simple, fun, entertaining, a social activity that benefits social coexistence”, the director explained.

Yeara de Peña also thanked the tutors and the general public for their trust over the course of these fourteen years in the Latino market in New York, where she has given different courses and workshops for the benefit of the community.

He pointed out that the practice outside the Big Apple brings benefits in the mental health of its students and tutors, in the midst of the confinement that this pandemic caused by COVID 19 with health measures has caused.

“The key is to know how to maintain a behavior according to the environment in this current situation that changes the label a little, now with a mask included and a series of hygiene elements to preserve health, but that does not imply the loss of the essence, of your personality along with norms of sharing in society ”, he emphasized.

The trip to Miami has meant a challenge for the end of the academic year in a different area, both due to health measures and the challenge of what was learned in virtual classes, which is a sign of the gratification of family and institutional sacrifice.

The talent agency has seventeen years of experience in the fashion and entertainment market in the New York metropolis and has represented the Latino community in different international children’s and youth fashion and beauty contests.

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