AGU asks for the conviction of 42 more people for coup acts

The Advocacy General of the Union (AGU) asked the Federal Court of the Federal District, this Wednesday (1st), for the final conviction of over 42 people arrested in flagrante delicto for participating in the invasion and depredation of the buildings of Praça dos Três Poderes on the day January 8th. Earlier, another 40 people, who are still being held in custody, also had a request for conviction made by the AGU.

The 42 suspects already had their assets blocked previously, at the request of the AGU itself, in a precautionary action. In this new request, the agency seeks to convert the injunction into a public civil action for the protection of public property so that the suspects are obliged to reimburse R$ 20.7 million to the public coffers.

“It is clear, therefore, that the defendants, of their own free will and consciously, actively participated in unlawful acts which, more than material damage to the federal public property that is the object of this action, resulted in damage to the democratic order itself and to the Brazilian image”, says AGU in action.

So far, four lawsuits have been filed against suspected involvement in coup acts in Brasilia. The AGU defends in court that everyone is jointly and severally liable for the damage caused, under the terms of the Civil Code

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