Akar: If Greece is not arming itself against Turkey, then for whom is it arming?

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, in a statement after the NATO defense ministers’ meeting, noted that he had a constructive meeting with Nikos Panayotopoulos in Brussels and reiterated that Turkey is in favor of resolving the problems in the Aegean, Cyprus and Eastern Mediterranean through dialogue and in the context of good neighborliness.

He noted that they continue their contacts on this issue and that they met with the Greek Minister of Defense, Nikos Panagiotopoulos, at the NATO headquarters.

“We had a positive and constructive meeting with the Greek Minister of Defense. “We expect to see the positive results of this meeting in the near future,” he said, adding that:

“We always say that provocative actions and rhetoric that increase tensions are not beneficial. We have told our interlocutors that some politicians and some people are talking extremistly about this issue and that this should be avoided. We keep telling them. In the meantime, some actions, especially armaments, are being encouraged by some countries, but we want to make it clear that they will not be beneficial in the medium and long term. Why; Because we strive to live together in good neighborly relations, to benefit from wealth together and to ensure that our countries live in security and prosperity. “Besides, even though we are all in NATO, the search for some alliances within NATO, some should know that it will damage bilateral relations and undermine trust between us.”

“We must act in accordance with the spirit and the letter of the alliances”

“The NATO alliance, in which we are, is the strongest defense organization that exists today and throughout history. Therefore, everyone must understand that other aspirations are not appropriate, as long as we are in it. If there are separate alliances between non-NATO allies, it is also against NATO’s 2030 vision of unity. “Going different and beyond that would mean eroding NATO,” said Hulusi Akar.

Regarding the “armaments race” in which Greece has been involved lately, Akar said: “They say, ‘this is not against Turkey. “Then against whom is he?” He wondered.

The Turkish minister said that Turkey has never been a threat to its allies and partners: “Turkey is a reliable, strong and effective ally for its partners. Everyone should know this. Also, Greece, which is facing financial problems, is willing to embark on such adventures. “They must see that this will make the life of the Greek people even more difficult,” he said.

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