AKEL demands resignation of Prodromou - It registered an issue in the Ministry of Education

AKEL registered the issue of tearing a page from a specific book today in the Shooting Committee with Christos Christofidis stating that the Minister of Education “must resign and go home”.

The MP of the party and member of the Committee of Education, after the congress of the Committee stated that they consider the issue particularly serious that concerns the content of education but also the approach of the Ministry of Education itself.

“After the unprecedented dismissal of the Minister of Education by the President of the Republic with the extremely rare, after a meeting between the President and the Minister, the Presidency issuing an announcement and hurting his political decisions, we had another unprecedented institutional dismissal today. The refutation by the Attorney General of the allegations of Mr. Prodromos, that the prosecution against a professor – painter is a matter of the Legal Service “.

Mr. Christofides said that Mr. Prodromou refuses, at least with courage and openness, to take responsibility for his actions. “For the hunting of works of art he throws them in the Legal Service, for the medieval tearing of pages of books he throws them to the bureaucrats of the Ministry, for his generally authoritarian and backward behavior he is covered behind everyone, while we all know that everything was his own political decisions ».

Mr. Prodromou expresses a completely backward and authoritarian mentality in the educational system, added Mr. Christofides, saying that this mentality threatens our education and political culture.

After today’s developments, the Minister of Education must understand that there is only one way of political correctness and respect, said the AKEL MP. “He should resign and go home,” he said.

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