Al Qaeda could attack the United States in two years, says senior military chief

The director of the United States Defense Intelligence Agency, Lt. General Scott D. Berrier, Photo: Air Force Magazine.

The director of the United States Defense Intelligence Agency, Lieutenant General Scott D. Berrier, said today that in two years, the terrorist organization Al Qaeda could have rearmed and be ready to be a “threat.”

“The current assessment, probably conservative, is that in one or two years Al Qaeda has developed some kind of capacity to, at least, threaten the homeland,” Berrier said during a National Security event, reports ‘The New Times’.

While the Taliban pledged in the February 2020 peace accords with the United States not to allow Afghanistan to be used as a base for terrorist operations, the White House office has already received the first reports that Al Qaeda, A traditional ally of the insurgent group, he would have already carried out his first actions.

Berrier has pointed out that the challenge now is to develop other ways of “gaining access” in Afghanistan, while the Security and Intelligence agencies continue their actions in relation to China and Russia.

He agrees with Lieutenant General Berrier, CIA deputy director David Cohen, who has also indicated that within two years Al Qaeda will once again be “a threat” to the United States before they can even be detected.

Although the US authorities have not yet confirmed the presence of former al Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan after the Taliban came to power a month ago, some reports maintain that Usama bin Laden’s former security chief, Amin al Haq, had returned to the country.

However, the director of National Intelligence, Avril D. Haines, has ruled out for the moment that Afghanistan is the greatest danger to the security of the United States and has pointed to Yemen, Somalia, Syria and Iraq, as potential threats in this regard.

In spite of everything, the US authorities themselves have recognized for months that the main threat to the national security of the United States is the “internal terrorism” of the groups of the extreme right and white supremacism.

(With information from Europa Press)

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