Alberto Fernández will lead an act of the Frente de Todos in Tucumán together with ministers

“Today we generate jobs and add value to the pig production of the residents of the municipality. That is the federal development model for which we work,” the President published in his official account on the social network Twitter.

Alberto Fernández-arrival in Tucuman

The President was accompanied by the Chief of Staff, Juan Manzur from Tucumán, and the governor of that province Osvaldo Jaldo.

“It is a splendid day to inaugurate a workplace that the municipality of La Cocha did,” said the President during the inauguration ceremony of the plant in that town in the south of the province, which will generate added value for local pork producers and region of.

Alberto Fernández arrived shortly before noon at the Teniente Benjamín Matienzo International Airport in San Miguel de Tucumán, accompanied by the Security Ministers, Aníbal Fernández; and of Labor, Employment and Social Security Claudio Moroni; and the Secretary General of the Presidency, Julio Vitobello.

There he was received by the interim governor, Lieutenant Governor Osvaldo Jaldo, and the Chief of Cabinet, Juan Manzur.

Alberto Fernandez-Tucuman

From that place, he traveled by helicopter to La Cocha to visit the brand new pork cluster meat and salted meat plant, with an area of ​​about 780 square meters, an initiative that could be carried out with national, provincial and municipal contributions, which currently has a working capacity for 15 people, to which other employees will gradually join.

Once the works are completed, the plant will add some 120 million pesos of investment and will make it possible to generate a new industrial activity in a place characterized by tobacco production.

So far, 35 producers in the area work with an insemination center, while the production area covers 750 square meters and includes a reception chamber for 150 half-cattle.

“My friend Juan -Manzur- told me that here there are many pork producers and that it was necessary to add value to the pig production of the neighbors, this is what Argentina needs, it is what will concentrate all our effort so that production grows in the country, “said the president, who valued that undertakings such as” this plant are models to develop, in every corner of Argentina, to federalize the country. “

“The first thing that is needed is that men and women can be born, grow, study and develop their lives in the place where they were born. That is why we made the effort to open sources of work like these,” added Fernández.

For his part, Jaldo stressed “every time he comes to Tucumán President Fernández does not do it empty-handed, he always brings a project of work or improvement of a service and today he brought a productive enterprise for small and medium producers that will be able to industrialize and generate added value “.

The mayor of La Cocha, Leopoldo Rodríguez said: “this plant speaks of work, growth, progress and dignity for the province, it is a historic day for our city, which will remain in the memory of all.”

At the factory, businessmen presented the President with a model of the production facility, then the local authorities read a decree by which Fernández was declared an Illustrious Citizen, an inaugural plaque was uncovered and a tour of the factory was made.

From La Cocha, the President is now moving to the facilities of a sweet factory in Simoca, which will immediately generate 100 direct and indirect jobs.

The venture will benefit 29 families in the area who produce and young engineers and technicians who will be able to develop economically near their places of residence.

In addition, the president will visit the building in Aguilares that will house a group of the National Gendarmerie, which will work together with the provincial police in the prevention of federal crimes.

The squad’s base, made up of about 200 women and men, was built on a site where there was a municipal inn, on Route 38 and the Barrientos stream.

Redesigned, it occupies 2,600 square meters where there are 25 offices on two floors, a weapons room, a sports space and sectors for motorized vehicles.

Finally, in the afternoon, the head of state will lead an act of the Frente de Todos at the racecourse of the capital of Tucumán.

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