Alberto Fernández's small table made a diagnosis of defeat and insists that the President must regain centrality

The first of the diagnoses of defeat in the PASO 2021 He did it in the truck that took him back to the Olivos Presidential House on Monday morning. The president was traveling in the vehicle Alberto Fernandez, the chief of staff Santiago Cafiero, the Secretary General of the Presidency Julio Vitobello and the spokesman Juan Pablo Biondi.

Those first conclusions were later deepened at a lunch that the president held on Monday with two of his closest ministers: Juan Zabaleta (Social Development) and Gabriel Katopodis (Public Works), which was later joined by Cafiero. A first analysis yielded a deduction that everyone shared: the President lost the moderate tone that led him to the Casa Rosada and a good part of the votes that he himself drew in 2019 disappeared towards other more moderate options.

They understand that at the end of the campaign the head of state showed a harsh, radicalized tone, which further affected his image after OlivosGate. “It was a speech more similar to those of Cristina Kirchner than to those of Alberto himself, who always advocated for unity, “he tells an official aware of what was discussed at lunch. “Has to regain prominence in the campaign”, Add the same sources.

The President believes that the election can be reversed in November. Credits: NA.

For officials close to the Presidents, these votes that Alberto Fernández lost went to moderate candidates such as Facundo Manes, who made a very good choice in the internship with Diego Santilli, the former Minister of the Interior and Transport Florencio Randazzo and other moderate minority spaces. The sources consulted ruled out that this support has gone to the toughest spaces, such as Juntos or other right-wing offers.

For this reason, among the package of measures and actions prepared by the Casa Rosada, in addition to concrete actions for the middle and lower class and SMEs, a change of speech from the President, with a greater role and a call for unity. It is that close to the head of state they insist that Alberto Fernández is convinced that the election can be reversed in November despite the defeat in 17 jurisdictions, a blow that few expected.

For this stage of the campaign that begins and that will culminate before the legislative elections in November, a President with a greater presence is expected in the Buenos Aires suburbs and in the provinces where the Frente de Todos unexpectedly lost. This Tuesday Fernández will resume his schedule outside of La Rosada when visiting Almirante Brown, a southern suburban district in which the Frente de Todos prevailed in the PASO on Sunday, where he will tour the Burzaco Industrial Park with the governor Axel Kicillof and the local communal chief, Mariano Cascallares.

Cristina Kirchner calls for changes in the Cabinet to reverse the image of the Government. Credits: NA.

On Wednesday, his activity will return to La Rosada when he will receive several governors, all those from the oil provinces, to officially present the Hydrocarbons Law. Directors of companies in the sector will also participate in the event, such as YPF, Pan American Energy, Tecpetrol, Pluspetrol and Total.

In the midst of this new campaign strategy, the President must resist the attacks of Vice President Cristina Kirchner, who has long been calling for changes in the cabinet. It points to Santiago Cafiero and the Minister of Economy Martín Guzmán. Among those closest to the head of the Senate, a phrase that grows strongly in the ruling party is repeated: “You cannot win the election with a minister who wants to adjust”.

Faced with this, in the environment of President Alberto Fernández they assure that do not plan to make changes to the equipment.

Officials closest to Alberto Fernández ask the President to regain centrality. Photo NA

Although the ads are kept strictly confidential, the government prepares measures for the pocket of the middle and lower class. An injection of money in people is expected to reactivate consumption and try to show reactivation for November. All with the aim of not compromising the legislative life of the space in the last two years of Fernández’s mandate.

It is that at present the Front of All has 120 deputies and if the results of the STEP were repeated, it would be 117, with the exception that the president of the Chamber of Deputies Sergio Massa does not vote except for the need for a tiebreaker. Together for the Change, which was mentally preparing to lose a legislator, it found an unthinkable scenario, above previous expectations by reaching virtually 116 deputies. In this way, a tie scenario would arise.

In the Senate, the scenario is even more complex since Cristina Kirchner could lose her quorum and compromise the last two years in office.

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