The new variant of the coronavirus, omicron, spreads throughout the world

Alcor Life Extension Foundation is an organization American that he has “promised” to more than a hundred people, nothing more and nothing less than to keep them alive after death.

That is, if his heart stops beating, instead of taking him to a morgue, dressing him in his best clothes and putting him in a coffin for burial or cremation, the clinic puts his body at low temperatures.

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The objective: “Preserve life by stopping death”Reads the official website of the non-profit organization that has monthly plans of $ 55 to enter the project.

How does cryonics work?

The process consists of freeze the bodies of human beings so that in the future – without a specific date – they can withdraw from the capsules and undergo scientific procedures in order to recover their life.

It is an experiment, according to AlcorIt is not guaranteed that they will return to the earthly plane. If the technology of the next decades or centuries allows it, perhaps the heartbeat will pick up again.

The foundation follows a series of stages to carry out cryonics.

The first is to visit the person in their last days of life or when they are dying to verify that they can be part of the program.

The subject must die of cardiac arrest and the authorities must declare him legally deceased.

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As soon as that happens, the staff of Alcor takes control of the body: artificially restores blood circulation to protect the brain, transports it to Arizona, U.S, introduces a substance into the blood and cools it on the fifth and sixth day after death to -196 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, “The patient will be protected from deterioration for theoretically thousands of years and the death process has been effectively stopped”, they assure.

The corpse is disposed inside a capsule, which does not need electricity to work because with the injection of liquid nitrogen it is kept at cold temperatures.

“Currently, no organization can revive a cryogenized patient, but in Alcor we are confident that reactivation may be possible ”, they comment on their website.

Who have been encouraged to be frozen?

Linda and Fred Chamberlain They are the founders of the clinic, formally established in 1972.

They were inspired by Robert Ettinger, the so-called father of the cryonics, who is also frozen in another entity in the United States.

The couple brought together a series of doctors and experts in the field to cryogenize for the first time James Bedford, a psycologist. Then they would do the same for Fred’s dad and Linda’s mom.

We want people to understand that this is still an experimental process. We don’t want anyone to come into the project, make preparations, and think this is like going to the hospital and having open heart surgery.“Said Linda, in a conversation with Az Central.

Her husband Fred died in 2012 and, unsurprisingly, he is underground in the basements of Alcor.

Total, 184 people they have no life inside a capsule. For example, there are Du Hong, a Chinese writer; Marvin Minsky, scientist, and Dick Clair Jones, film producer.

There are also more than 90 pets, between dogs and cats, who came to the basements at the wish of their owners, as revealed by Linda to the aforementioned media.

The legal struggle of the living

Ted Williams, renowned baseball player and essential member of the Boston Red Sox team, died in 2002 at the age of 83 and had the determination to be cryogenic.

However, his case raised a controversy after the revelations of the Sports Illustrated magazine that accused Alcor of beheading him, storing his head in a different capsule and taking dozens of DNA tests, which, it seems, would have been recast.

The journalistic investigation found that Williams paid $ 136,000 to be part of the experiment.

However, before dying he would have burned his will to opt for cremation, according to his daughter Bobby-Jo Williams Ferrell.

The clinic has not commented on the allegations. In fact, it is not the only problem that you have faced, because Kurt Pilgrimage He sued them seeking compensation of one million dollars for mistreating his father’s body.

“They cut off his head, burned his body, put him in a box and sent him to my house. I want people to know what is happening, “he said, in a talk with Az Central, in 2019.

There is no law that prohibits the actions of Alcor. On the other hand, there are scientists who criticize their ‘experiment’.

It is a false science. Those who benefit from this hope deserve our wrath and contempt“Criticized the neuroscientist Michael Hendricks, in a writing for the magazine ‘MIT Technology Review’

For now, about 1,400 people are members of the organization, including the DJ Steve Aoki, and hope to die, ironically, “to return in a few decades and even centuries to life when technology and medicine are sufficiently advanced.”



The new variant of the coronavirus, omicron, spreads throughout the world


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