Alderman asks girlfriend to marry him during session in Bahia

Image: Fabiano Cerqueira

Councilman Pedro Cícero (Citizenship) starred in an unusual scene during the session in honor of Women’s Day at the Feira de Santana City Council, a city located about 120 km from Salvador.

The politician asked his girlfriend Beatriz Cerqueira to marry him on March 9. When called to present his partner with flowers and a certificate, Pedro asked: ”Beatriz, in the name of my love for you, will you marry me?”

And not satisfied with the performance, the councilor went further and asked for it three times in a row, until he thought it was good enough. After the attempts, he finally gave the microphone to Beatriz, who replied that she accepted being the politician’s wife.

In an interview with g1, Pedro said that the proposal was one of Beatriz’s dreams and what she wanted as a gift on March 8th.

”She had this dream of being asked, and I asked her what she wanted to win on International Women’s Day. At the same time she said: ‘that you ask me to marry you”’Peter told

The couple has been living together for about three months and have been in a relationship for 4 years. They raise a son, also 4 years old, from another relationship with Beatriz. About the bride’s reaction, Pedro said that he showed her a side that she doubted existed.

”She was very surprised. I didn’t believe that I would have the courage to ask for her in public, and I proved that I did”.

About the future, the councilor declared that the plans are to make the wedding official, after finishing the construction of the couple’s house ”now it’s time to continue our love”.

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