Ale Gutiérrez stops bullfighting at Feria de León

León, Guanajuato.- Mayor Alejandra Gutiérrez Campos stopped the project of the State Fair of León in its tracks of wanting to install a bullring in the event facilities.

On Friday, members of the Board of Trustees, headed by businessman Juan Carlos Muñoz Márquez, met privately with the Municipal President to review the progress of the 2022 edition of the León Fair.

One of the proposals they put on the table was to bring the ‘brave party’ to the fairgrounds.

The Mayor told them “no.”

“The Council of the Fair is autonomous, we can give an opinion but it is autonomous, we are in contact with them but in a particular way I do not agree that they take that within the Fair, but it is something that they will have to be deciding”, declared the President Municipal this Saturday after performing “Mi Barrio Habla” in the Las Joyas area.

Regarding the reasons for rejecting this project, he pointed out: “First of all because there is already a place for it (in reference to the Plaza de Toros La Luz), we have to take care of the areas, there are other types of activities that can be carried there” .

The affection that Alejandra Gutiérrez has for animals has long been known, as she frequently manifested in the campaign that led her to the Mayor’s Office and now as President.

Last Monday, he declared the Municipal Palace a pet-friendly space.
The State Fair of León 2022 is scheduled from January 14 to February 9.

“Lack of criteria”

Meanwhile, the trustee and representative of the City Council before the Fair Board, José Arturo Sánchez Castellanos, confirmed that there was the proposal, but it does not go.

“The intention was to set up a portable bullring there in what is the Explora planetarium. Four or five bullfights were already scheduled … What can I tell you? Lack of judgment, if the Mayor is a protector of animals, how do they propose to carry out bullfights, that has already been canceled ”, he pointed out.

Consulted separately, the president of the State Fair of León, Juan Carlos Muñoz Márquez, stated that the intention was to promote the theme of charrería as a rescue of a Mexican tradition, and not specifically for bullfights.

“The plan was always charrería. The January 20 bullfight was considered as a possibility, due to the theme of the city festival. But it was just that, a possibility. It was contemplated, it was commented and it was seen that it was not feasible, ”said Muñoz Márquez to close the issue.


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