Alec Baldwin, again in the pillory over the case of the death of Halyna Hutchins

A new controversy opened in the last hours with Alec Baldwin at the investigation into the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. The Santa Fe County (New Mexico) sheriff’s office, in whose jurisdiction the tragedy occurred on October 21, said this Thursday through an official statement that The actor has not yet complied with the express order to hand over his cell phone to the authorities.

Within minutes of this announcement, Baldwin’s attorney, Aaron Dyer, announced that an agreement had been reached with New Mexico authorities to formal delivery of the device after a series of measures that at the request of the actor were made to protect your privacy, especially on issues unrelated to the investigation of the tragedy on the set.

“The phone will be delivered this week for your review. Mr. Baldwin has continued to cooperate with the authorities and any hint to the contrary is simply false“Said Dyer, also through a statement. The sheriff’s previous statement had indicated that a New Mexico prosecutor had been assigned to agree with the actor on the manner of compliance with search warrant and hand over to phone authorities.

Alec Baldwin, again in the pillory over the case of the death of Halyna Hutchins

The warrant to search Baldwin’s phone had been obtained last December by investigators from the tragedy that occurred on the movie set Rust, starring and produced by the actor. The intention of the investigators is to examine the text messages and emails related to the event to determine what really caused the death of the cinematographer.

The investigation is ongoing and has not yet been established with precision what was the true origin of the tragedy on the set. The bullet that killed Hutchins during a test came out of a revólver Colt 45 which at that time was managed by Baldwin. Everyone on set assumed that the weapon did not have real projectiles, but blank rounds and props.

Things got complicated when Baldwin, in his first television appearance, said he had never pulled the trigger and disclaimed all responsibility. Last weekend he reacted harshly against those who questioned him for alleged attitudes intended to obstruct the investigation

Gunsmith Gutiérrez-Reed accused a supplier of delivering him a mixture of real and fake bullets
Gunsmith Gutiérrez-Reed accused a supplier of delivering him a mixture of real and fake bullets instagram

The latest news in this regard was known in the last hours of Wednesday 12. Hannah Gutiérrez Reed, in charge of all the weapons used during filming, He accused Seth Kenney, the supplier of all weapons and ammunition, before the New Mexico Justice of having “created a dangerous situation” that resulted in the death of Hutchins.

In his lawsuit, Gutiérrez Reed holds Kenney responsible of having given him a consignment of materials that included an undetermined mix of real and fake ammunition. “The defendants distributed to the production of Rust boxes of ammunition that supposedly contained fake bullets, but that contained a mixture of real and fake ammunition, ”Gutiérrez-Reed points out.

La armera, questioned from the beginning of the research from different places due to its lack of experience in the subject, He argues that he acted in good faith by dealing with Kenney’s “misrepresented” statement that all the material released was safe and did not include live ammunition. “By doing so, the defendants created a dangerous condition on the film set without Hannah Gutierrez Reed’s knowledge, creating a foreseeable risk of injury to many, many people,” the court filing states.

At the time, Kenney denied the possibility of having delivered live ammunition mixed with the props. “All ammunition is individually tested before being sent to the film sets ”, assured the supplier.

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