Alec Baldwin in court: maximum sentence reduced significantly

Prosecutors wanted to apply the law retrospectively

When prosecutors in the US state of New Mexico filed a lawsuit against Baldwin and Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the armorer in the film “Rust,” on Jan. 31, a change in the law would allow for more severe penalties for crimes involving the use of firearms. However, this law has only been in effect in its current form since May 2022, while camerawoman Halyna Hutchins (1979-2021) was killed on the set of the western “Rust” in October 2021 by a bullet fired from Baldwin’s gun used during filming . The amendment to the law mentioned above cannot be applied retrospectively.

Under the previous version of the law, an accused had to demonstrate “intent to intimidate or harm any person” during the act of using firearms. This is not the case in Baldwin’s case. Baldwin and Gutierrez-Reed now face a maximum of 18 months in prison if convicted of involuntary manslaughter. The first hearing in court is scheduled for February 24.

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