Alejandro Fernández cries for his father during concert (VIDEO)

Mexico.- Alejandro Fernández could not stay strong and burst into tears during a concert in USA while your son, Alex Fernandez, interpreted “Time does not forgive”, a topic dedicated to dad.

It is clear that “The foal” he is not having a good time knowing that his father, don Vicente Fernandez, he is recovering slowly in a hospital, where he has been for more than a month.

In social networks, a video was shared that shows a sad and crumbling Alejandro Fernández who cries while his son, Alex Fernández, interprets “Time does not forgive”, a theme dedicated to an aging father.

As a child, I told God that I wanted to be great to be like you. He didn’t know what he was asking for, although he really wanted it. As a child, I told God to move forward in time to be with you. I have changed my mind, although being like you is a great honor ”, says part of the song that made“ Foaly ”cry.

Alejandro remembered when his father, Don Vicente Fernández, invited him to his concerts, and now he does it with his son Alex. Photo: Special.

The moment on the surface happened during his tour “Made in Mexico”, which father and son started in Reno, Sacramento and Fresno, USA, which they described as unforgettable, despite the family moment they live.

And since the show does not end, as Vicente Fernández himself taught them, both Alejandro and Alex will continue with the tour until October in cities such as Las Vegas, Nevada; Step, Texas; Chicago and Houston, among many more.

And it is that this is one of the most difficult moments that the Fernández Abarca family lives, first, Don Vicente Fernández was hospitalized more than a month ago because of a fall that brought him other complications that has him bedridden and unable to move.

And four days ago, doña Cuquita Abarca, the second pillar of the dynasty, was hospitalized to treat a hernia in the belly that began to cause more discomfort and it was necessary to intervene in a hospital in Zapopan, Jalisco, where she was accompanied by her daughter Alejandra.

Having his two sick parents has not been easy for Alejandro Fernández, but the show must continue and he is on tour in the United States. Photo: Instagram.

The wife of Don Vicente had already scheduled the surgical intervention, but decided to postpone it in order to take care of Don Vicente and be aware of the care he receives, the program reported “Selling”, lead by Pati chapoy.

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