Álex Carillo manages to 'cheer up' the world

Leon, Guanajuato. The Mexican illustrator Alex Carrillo won third place in the Digital Short Film Fest powered by Adobe y Talent Network with his work “EXPRESS”.

With that same project he also positioned himself as one of the two Mexican finalists in the Roma Short Film Festival, in addition to being part of the exhibition of the “Earth day” with his drawings “Keeping the Magic Alive” e “Inspiring the Youth”.

As a rookie in animation, the student of Animation and Digital Art at Tec de Monterrey in Monterrey, He says that the concern arose from a very young age, but now in his university stage he has the opportunity to make mistakes, to improve every day and gain experience.

I took a class that I should not have taken and by chance of fate it was my turn. It was basically short film production and the proposal was to do it in live action and I decided to make it animated and I focused a lot on storytelling with very cool characters, “he said.

“EXPRESS” tells of an 18-year-old introvert who loves to write, but is afraid to express it and everything changes when his favorite editor goes to town to cast a new young talent for his magazine and is motivated to write for achieve your dream. The central message of the story is that what you want is not always what you need.

EXPRESS, third place at the Digital Short Film Fest powered by Adobe and Talent Network.

I see it as a love letter to talent, to the passion that we have and to the evolution of emotions in the ways of expressing themselves, “he added.

In this work, Álex wanted to tell a topic that he liked and at the same time he was working on his first book “FACES a coloring book” that got to be a bestseller in Amazon in the category of art and culture in foreign language, which inspired him to emphasize the expressions of the characters.

I was also inspired by the lives of my friends, in fact one of them voices the main character; I did it in less than a year; and all the class assignments had the premiere and my classmates and other people who saw it afterwards liked it a lot ”, he commented.

Right after sharing “EXPRESS” in class, the illustrator received a call to participate in the Digital Short Film Fest powered by Adobe, a film competition in Mexico in which the work had to be done with Adobe products.

I uploaded it without expecting anything and first an email arrived to inform me that I was in the official selection and then that I was in the finalists. The awards event was held by Zoom and there they told me to be in third place and it was the first festival that I dared to send it to ”, he shared.

That motivated him to send his work to other platforms and it was at the Roma Short Film Festival where it reached the 129 selected finalist works, being one of the two Mexicans within that group.

His art in Walt Disney Museum

After your illustration “UNITY” be part of the virtual show “The Walt Disney Family Museum”, which represents unity and community among various cultures, Álex received the invitation to participate once again in the exhibition “Día de la Tierra”.

Walt Disney Museum Exhibit.

I liked this work a lot because it was different, I hardly draw animals and basically the theme was to talk about a message from Walt Disney that young people are the future of the planet and it always motivated them to take care of ecosystems ”, he said.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Zoom and at the beginning of August, when the museum reopened its doors to the public, they were notified that their work would be in person on the premises through a monitor on which the illustration was projected.

It meant a lot to me because it is in person at the Walt Disney museum and people from California and tourists from all over the world see it and it is something very cool, I am very excited, “he said.

Those who come

Álex Carrillo has several challenges and the first is that he cannot get stuck in his style, he has to prepare and receive feedback to learn and improve every day.

Another challenge is the organization of time because you have to find balance in school and not leave my projects; and one more is to transmit my passion for art in order to stand out because there are many illustrators and I must challenge myself, “he commented.

In addition, he is working on the final short film of the degree, which will begin in October and finally plans to release a second coloring book with a different concept than FACES at the latest in June.

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