Alex Cora is still one of the best in the Major Leagues

The manager of Boston Red Sox, Alex Cora continues to show that it is one of the best in Big leagues and, not just playing in Playoffs.

What of Cora it has no name. Without a doubt, he has shown that he is one of the best strategists in the MLB and whoever thinks otherwise, you can open a couple of statistics that show why this note is written praising the Puerto Rican, Alex Cora.

The Red Sox manager totally changed Boston’s mindset. A team that comes from registering a record of 24 wins and 36 losses in a 60-game campaign that, nobody gave a penny for the franchise.

A year later with a not so different team, but with Alex Cora at the helm, the Bostonian franchise will fight the Houston Astros for the major league championship series, part of this success in 2021, they owe it to Alex Cora.

Yes, the same one who was branded a cheater when he won the World Series in 2018 and the one that everyone thought his achievements were just for stealing signs, but what they did not see is the ability he has to make important decisions at the given moment.

Why do we say this?

Record of 15-4 in the Playoffs, figures that make Red Sox fans dream, who will fight with an old acquaintance of the manager. The same that led them to add 92 victories in the current year of the MLB.

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