“What strikes me is that some say that we are going too far, and that others say that we are not going far enough. But the general orientation is little questioned”, a- he observed. “Nobody really questions the line. This government pursues a policy of the center. And it must always be done in the context in which we find ourselves. Sometimes, I have the impression that some do not take this into account. ” The Prime Minister returned in particular to the debate on the nuclear phase-out, which animated the discussions throughout the day. “The climate debate is circumscribed by some to a debate for or against nuclear power. Dogmas pass from one to the other. Anyone who follows the debate closely knows that we must shut down 5 of the 7 reactors. The question on the last two reactors is not dogmatic within the government. It is a very rational decision on the basis of an auction which has taken place and the results of which we will shortly receive. Two criteria will be analyzed: security of supply and the impact on prices. ”

According to Alexander De Croo, the climate is “the number one priority that we must have in mind.” A meeting clause indeed awaits the partners of Vivaldi in November. Depending on the results of the auctions for the construction of gas power plants under the capacity remuneration mechanism (CRM), the government will assess whether or not to maintain the Doel 3 and Tihange 4 reactors beyond 2025.

“We also had a very lively debate about incapacity for work,” continued Alexander De Croo. “Control is good, but trust is better,” said the chief executive, recalling the role that social consultation will play. According to him, “relations at work are now much more balanced”. “We are also creating a dynamic so that people are motivated to join jobs in short supply.”

“Economic confidence is at its highest since the 2008 crisis, as is consumer confidence. We should therefore not take negative measures. I am convinced that this is reflected in the budget. What is submitted is a budget that proceeds to economies, which reforms and which invests. It is a beginning of course, a budget and a policy which will strengthen our country “, he concluded.

François De Smet to Alexander De Croo: “You are a man abused by your partners”

“You are a man mistreated by your partners, and I say that with a certain empathy”, quipped François De Smet to the address of Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Open Vld). In his intervention during the debate on the general policy statement, the president of DéFI judged that the budget contained “good ideas, but without real breath”, denouncing “perpetual negotiations” within the majority. According to him, “what is interesting is not what you say, but what you do not say”, he said, in particular with reference to the pension reform, not included in the 2022 budget. “It is unlikely that nothing is happening on pensions. Will the minister (Karine Lalieux – PS, editor’s note) table a general policy note from 2022?” He asked himself.

“The name of Vivaldi can not be attached to any reform, to any major project. There are always forgotten: women who have to abort in the Netherlands, the middle classes, migrants. It is hard to understand where you are going. There is no real course. You are managers, when we need visionaries. “

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