"Alexander De Croo's method is questionable on certain aspects"

While the negotiations were tough in recent days, Vivaldi was finally able to find an agreement for the preparation of its budget. A consensus which can be considered as the real departure of the Vivaldi? According to Dave Sinardet, this appears to be the case. “Yes clearly, the Covid has occupied the government for a year”, he says. This emergency management is now giving way to the outright management of the State.

The talks have been quite tense in recent days, some doors have been slammed. Some parties would not have been the most collaborators. “In particular the MR and the PS. Who did not agree between them on the proposed agreements”, explains the professor.

These perceived tensions could be explained in several possible ways. One of them would probably be starting their campaign. “I clearly have the impression that for the MR and the PS, the Vivaldi is a control instrument to compete for leadership on the French-speaking side “, he says.

One of the objectives of Vivaldi is in particular the 80% employment. Will the measures put in place now be sufficient to achieve this objective? “It is still too early to tell. I do not know if the x jobs created and promised will really exist. We went from 5,000 to 10,000 and ended up at 13,500, it feels like it’s a easy to make ends meet. ”

This Vivaldi was also a highlight for Alexander De Croo, whose image came out rather strengthened from these negotiations. “This leads to an agreement, it is positive. We have observed a new dynamic for the Vivaldi. Even if the method of Alexander De Croo is questionable on certain aspects”, explains Dave Sinardet.

Following his presentation of the federal state budget, Alexander De Croo appeared in poor shape yesterday in the House. “Yes, he was clearly tired. We know that Belgian politics have a problem of morbid procrastination. We still took 15 months to establish this government when the agreement was found in less than a week. Certain methods raise questions. ! “, he clarified.

He also explains that the government could have better prepared some of its cases in the shadows. “Have you heard anything about pension reform? No, it was postponed. We are slowly starting other tax measures.”

That being said, we can still note the difficulty of finding an agreement with 7 parties. “Small steps have been taken, some advances can be considered important”, he explains before moving on to the viability of Vivaldi. “We do not know if it will hold the entire legislature. In Flanders, we wondered if, on the side of the French-speaking parties, we really wanted to continue this Vivaldi!”

Tax measures

The political scientist wanted to send his red card to tax discrimination against single people. “The single Belgian is the most taxed person in the world. We continue to create, maintain and even strengthen inequalities for these people”

Conversely, the professor gives his good note to another tax measure, that of the exemption of professional footballers who did not pay any social contribution. “The ideal would be for the decision to be taken at European level, so as not to create any disadvantage for Belgian football”

Another tax was discussed, that of trips of less than 500km by plane. “It’s a good choice. We know it’s bad for the climate. When we see that it is sometimes cheaper to take the plane instead of taking the train, this raises questions“, he said.

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