STF minister Alexandre de Moraes asked to see the judgment of the timeframe of indigenous lands — which has now been postponed without a defined date for retaking.

The plenary had restarted on Wednesday the analysis of the thesis that determines that indigenous peoples can only claim the demarcation of lands occupied by them before the 1988 Constitution.

Moraes spoke after the vote in favor of Minister Nunes Marques, who opened the divergence with respect to the vote of the rapporteur, Edson Fachin. The score is 1 to 1.

“Fulfilling the detailed vote of the eminent minister Edson Fachin, who brought the entire history of the indigenous issue, all the discussions covered in the Federal Supreme Court so far, but now the eminent minister Nunes Marques not only presented the divergence but also brought up several points of his thesis that need a detailed analysis. So, President, I ask for a review of the records”, announced Moraes.

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