Alias ​​'Hela' fell, alleged hitman of the 'Clan del Golfo'
Photo: Police

The National Police announced in the last hours that in the urban area of ​​Bahía Solano, Chocó, they captured a subject known as alias ‘Hela’ or ‘Punto Blanco’, an alleged hitman of the pacific substructure of the ‘Clan del Golfo’.

‘Hela’ would have killed at least 4 people in Bahía Solano

According to the authorities, alias ‘Hela’, he was accused of presumably causing the death of at least four people in Bahía Solano.

According to an intelligence report, this subject would be an active part of the organic component of the Gulf clan, where he served as a hit man in the urban area of ​​the Bahía Solano municipality.

Alias ​​’Hela’, is linked to a judicial process for his alleged responsibility in the death of a man on June 9 in events that occurred in the neighborhood of Bahía Solano and the murder of alias ‘Paula’, perpetrated in the past September 28, authorities reported.

According to the Police, alias ‘Hela’ would have a five-year history within the criminal structure and will have to answer for the crimes of aggravated homicide, manufacturing, trafficking, carrying firearms or ammunition.

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