Alicia Machado ended up without clothes in a pool
Photo taken from the video.

Alicia Machado got to take the 200 thousand dollars of prize in ‘The house of the famous’, reason why it was seen last of drinks. And he would even be flirting with some participants.

In the video broadcast by the program ‘Suelta la sopa’, they showed that he was drinking tequila. They also showed how the former beauty queen decided to jump into the pool alone.

In social networks they have criticized the celebrity’s strategy, due to the confrontations he has had with other people, highlighting his rivalry with Kimberly and Celia. And the love affair he had with the artist Roberto Romano inside the studio house.

In video was the ‘show’ that he put together at a party that the contestants held last weekend.

The presenters of the entertainment program emphasized that Alicia was seen ‘flirting’ with another participant of ‘The House of Famous’, to whom in the end she gave an unexpected kiss on the cheek.

Alicia took off one of her clothes and another let her nipples show. However, none of his companions took care of him, only Jorge Aravena tried to help the former Miss Universe.

In video was the ‘show’ of Alicia Machado

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