The images of the ‘show’ that the actress Alicia Machado put together in the program, which Telemundo transmits, was revealed by the entertainment space ‘Tell me what you know‘, who assured that the scenes were given after a party organized by the participants of the contest over the weekend.

The presenters of the program said that the former Miss Universe surely “got her tequilitas” on her head, as they saw her flirting with another contestant, who she gave a kiss on the cheek, and then jumped into the pool with the clothes she was wearing.

Once he touched the water, Machado, who was also on the RCN Channel’s ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ reality show, stripped off his outfit regardless of whether his private parts were exposed.

“Alicia got naked … she showed everything, very single and very everything, with her tequilitas”, were several of the comments made by the presenters of ‘Suelta la sopa’.

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The reason for this criticism of the model’s behavior has to do with something that happened previously in the study house, since Machado confronted another participant, Kimberly, because being married she was flirting with another contestant and, according to her, she had “shown” her intimate parts.

Alicia Machado and her relationship with the actor Roberto Romano, in ‘The House of the Famous’

Machado was also caught when she was arguing with the actor Roberto Romano, with whom he apparently maintains a temporary relationship within the contest, and when he was confronted with Kimberly.

These burning scenes have led her to be on everyone’s lips in Mexico, a situation similar to what happened to her when she had a fight with the singer Marbelle.

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