Aline Campos explains herself after controversy for asking for a manicure with Covid-19

Aline Campos, known in the past as Aline Riscado, caused controversy on social media in recent days, after saying that was looking for a manicurist and masseur with Covid-19 to serve her in Fernando de Noronha, where she is isolated with her son after they both tested positive for the virus.

On the social networks, Faustão’s former ballerina was harshly criticized by some netizens. “Have you gotten the manicure with covid? Because you don’t have a clue fired a hater. Aline then countered: “Huh? Why don’t I have love? I have covid respecting all the rules so I don’t contaminate anyone and having a manicure here also with covid would be the perfect combo. I huh.”, he responded.

Aline Campos explained herself

After negative feedback, Aline Campos returned to Stories to explain yourself. At the time, she left her apology if she had offended anyone and asked for empathy for the people who were attacking her.

“This morning I did stories with my friend, we were bored here showing my nails… silly stories, with nothing to do. And then I made a joke. But honestly, even if it wasn’t, I don’t think that’s the reason for everything that’s happening. If I offended anyone, I sincerely apologize. But I said the following: ‘I could have a manicure with covid, without symptoms, to come here to do our nails because it would be the perfect combo’. The manicurist who is also bored, wanting to earn her money, coming here to our house… Then I thought ‘I’m going to delete it because people love to interpret the way they want’. Then I deleted it and forgot about life… Some journalist posted this as if I was playing with the virus.”, started her.

“I respect the virus and the human being”

Aline continued her outburst, saying that he always took all the care during the pandemic and asked for empathy: “Let’s look at each other with more love, affection and respect. I’m not doing anything to offend anyone. On the contrary, I am isolated here, unable to leave the house…”, stated.

“You who don’t follow me, don’t want to burn my image… If you follow me a little bit, you’ll see everything I’ve done since the beginning of the pandemic until now… You’ll see that I respect the virus and the human being… they never publicized my project Luz no fim da rua, which helps street workers, without earning a penny or having help from anyone, except my dentist and video editor friends. I don’t earn a dollar. I’m even ashamed to say this, but impressive as a story to burn my film they post, but everything I do to try to help the other, during all this time of covid, no one posts.”, lamented.

understand the case

Last Thursday (13th), Aline Campos shared a video looking for a manicurist with Covid-19, after discovering that she also had the virus. The famous, her 11-year-old son, Nathan, and her friend, Guta, tested positive during a trip to Fernando de Noronha.

“Wanted: manicurist and masseur in Noronha with covid and no symptoms! Accepting and accepting this situation, because for better or worse, I ended up planting and now I am reaping. I chose to spend New Year’s Eve away from parties and came to Noronha because it is quiet, spacious and in contact with nature. I don’t regret it. I am very grateful to be here, but I ended up having more contacts than I would have if I were at home. It’s a risk we knew we were taking. We are fine”, she commented at the time.

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