Aline Scratched
Aline Scratched (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

This last Tuesday (12), the actress Aline Scratched he decided to announce a decisive change in his life. The artist will now go by her baptismal name: Aline Campos.

Through her Instagram profile, Aline shared the news with her followers, which also came accompanied by a new look, where she appears with the shortest wires. The date was chosen in a special way, as it is the day she completed her 34 years.

“Pleased to meet you, ALINE CAMPOS!” Planet Earth today is undergoing an intense transformation, and this is increasingly felt, even by the most skeptical. 🌍 The opportunity that we human beings are having to learn and, consequently, evolve into a more expanded and higher consciousness, is connected to the flow of the entire universe! 🌟 It would be no different with me”, he began.

Aline, who for some months now has been seen getting more and more involved with her roots and spirituality, continued her reflection and assumed that it has been going through a period of transformations. that has allowed you to connect with your essence.

“I’m more and more connected with the subtlest, and my essence more and more overcomes the ego, which so eludes and sabotages us. 🙏🏾😊 One of the transformations that I feel inside me that has already happened is the reconnection with my roots, in every way!! Assume who I really am, in all aspects!”.

“On today’s day, my birthday, the beginning of a cycle, I also start a reunion with who I truly am!!!🦋 My baptismal name is my strength again, the way I want to be called from now on!!! 😉”.

The influencer continued by stating that the haircut is also part of this process of change, since now decided to stay chemistry free. “Today I experience the growth of my hair free, without chemistry to straighten it and with the certainty that this is the most beautiful beauty I could have, my truth!”, he declared.

“The cut came to seal all this courage to assume who I really am, with the certainty that, no matter what the eyes see, without feeling it, everything is an illusion!! Gratitude“, finished.

The changes came unexpectedly, but the cat’s fans approved and sent many positive messages. “Congratulations and much more success on your new path ❤️”, wished the singer Silva. “WoW, how beautiful!!! Live your day, your rebirth 🌻❤️”, reacted a follower. “wonderful,” said a third.

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