Alinne Rosa goes topless in Mexico and posts provocative photo: "Mexi-cool"

The singer Aline Rosa stirred the imagination of its more than 661,000 followers on Instagram by sharing a beautiful photo on the social network. In the record, the artist appears doing topless in a provocative pose while admiring an impressive view of Mexico.

On the occasion, the cat posed on her back, wearing only a thong in a luxurious hotel with a privileged view of the sea. Her bulging butt also attracted looks from the muse’s admirers.. “Mexi-cool”, wrote Alinne in the publication’s caption.

In the comments of the post, the singer was surrounded by hundreds of praise and fervent messages from her fans and friends.. “What a photon!”, “Woman of heaven, you just killed your fans”, “What a spectacular beauty”, “Wonderful view, and I’m not even talking about the landscape…”, “A true spectacle of God”, “Wonderful of the head at the feet”, were some of the reactions.

empowered woman

In addition to her talent as a singer and her success on social media, Alinne Rosa is an empowered woman who is strongly engaged with the LGBTQIA+ public and with feminist agendas. In an interview with Blog Me Salte, from the Correio 24 Horas newspaper, the artist highlighted that will always embrace these causes.

“I feel really hugged [pelo público LGBT] and I have a thing about being that friend who buys the fight. I take everything very real. I would feel fake and a liar if I didn’t fight for my audience. I take the cause as my own. In my personal and professional life I take that”, she declared.

“I advocate that women need to be strong”

Regarding feminist agendas, Alinne reveals that she was already very oppressed by machismo and today, she seeks to use her experience to empower other women. “I look to myself as an example of a person who has been through several abusive relationships. As society is very oppressive, I was also very oppressed in thinking I was wrong, that I had to adapt to that sexist reality. When I talk about this, I talk about my personal experiences. I defend that women need to be strong and defend themselves from machismo.”, said the artist.

“I had no idea how feminism was going to bring out this strength that I had that was hidden. I want to show through my example that women are not alone. Many women are placed by society in a position where they cannot wear certain clothes or swear. If not, it is not accepted and is placed under the label of a whore. I work from an early age, I’m a fucking woman. But, many times I annulled myself to try to fit in an oppressive society. It took me a while to understand the power that each woman has and today whoever wants to adapt to us”, highlighted the famous.

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