Alpaís deplores situation Santo Domingo Oeste
Alpaís demand a solution in SDO. .

The Alianza País municipal team in Santo Domingo Oeste expressed that the authorities that have occupied the city hall in the last three periods have not known how to exercise responsible leadership and execute solutions to the problems of the municipality.
Among the existing deficiencies, they point out the absence of green areas, which does not correspond to the number of inhabitants and that most of them have been sold to individuals, they express that the municipality does not have space to build community works, for example a market and municipal funeral home, the latter has a long period awaiting the completion of construction, as well as the state of many of the streets of the neighborhoods and main avenues, which are in visible deterioration.

Regarding the so-called expansion zone of the municipality, they pointed out that it has been subjected to constant abandonment in relation to the services that they must receive, such as the reconstruction of roads, drinking water, primary care units, waste collection solid, which are producing improvised landfills and affecting the health of the citizens, the electric lighting of the streets, citizen insecurity, among other demands.

They indicated that the fight for the repair of the Manoguayabo highway has been permanent, but last December an extremely chaotic situation broke out, as a result of the decision to rebuild it without first establishing a provisional road.

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