Already World Cup fever: cyclocross riders are advised to avoid contacts


For the cyclocross riders, the most important appointment of this winter is scheduled in two weeks: the World Championship in Fayetteville, USA. With the highly contagious Omicron variant in mind, the riders are advised to avoid contacts as much as possible.

“Certainly with people they are not sure about,” explains federal doctor Kris Van Der Mieren. “For the rest, we will continue to follow our own strict protocol. Omicron is also new to us. On the other hand, all riders have been vaccinated and there are also those who have already had their booster. The day before departure to the United States, a pcr is required to be taken again, otherwise you will not be allowed on the plane. The advantage of this is that all people who get on the plane have tested negative the day before. That does not mean that they can be infected, but not yet contagious. We will also try to create one bubble on the plane.”

And in Fayetteville itself? “We have not yet received the Covid protocol from the UCI, but we will have to follow the local protocol anyway,” said Van der Mieren. “We will also try to form micro-bubbles on site: elite with elite, promises with promises, juniors with juniors… We already have a lot of experience with this at the federation. Face masks will have to be worn in close contact.”

And what if someone tests positive or has had a ‘high-risk contact’ in the US? “Then of course it goes into isolation, but that doesn’t mean that everyone has to be in isolation. Each case will be looked at individually, taking into account parameters such as the number of vaccines they have received and the nature of the contacts.”(gvdl)

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