The 20/21 season in Córdoba is the great bet of the authorities to contribute to the income of the province. In this sense, there is a new alternative for tourists, which brings together a large number of different experiences: active tourism.

Among the main activities that are included within alternative tourism are: walks, trekking, cycling, diving, climbing, horseback riding, observation of flora and fauna, bird watching, aerial activities: paragliding and parachuting. All are viable options to carry out in the province of Córdoba.

Tourists ride the mountains of Córdoba on horseback. Horseback riding in Pampa de Olaen. Alternative tourism in Punilla (La Voz) (Carlos Romero /)

There’s also Nautical proposals, photographic safari, activities in four-wheel drive vehicles and caving (visits to underground cavities for recreational purposes).

According to the latest figures, a large number of visitors -who passed through Córdoba over the long weekend- were devoted to this type of tourism, related to recreational activities and extreme sports.

Prices are around 12,000 pesos.  (Skydiving Córdoba

Prices are around 12,000 pesos. (Parachuting Córdoba “CEPAC”)

The authorities’ recommendations

The person in charge of these activities at the Córdoba Tourism Agency, Ricardo Bellegarde, explained: “In Córdoba we are privileged, because there are many places where alternative tourism can be developed all year round. Long weekends are the most preferred by visitors, but the post-pandemic effect means that every week we receive visitors from different parts of the country ”.

And he added: “It is important to take into account that in the province there is legislation that allowed the creation of a provincial registry of authorized providers,” said Bellegarde. AND recommended that visitors seeking to hire a service “go to the Cordoba Tourism Agency website and verify that the company is enabled for this purpose”.

These types of activities can be found on the official website, in the “Experiences” section, where the same providers who know the area tell about the activities that can be carried out, through videos, photos and written information. At the end of each experience, you will find the contact details of each provider.

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