Aluar guaranteed its commitment to boost its production in the country

This was presented by the CEO of Aluar, Javier Madanes Quintanilla, in front of the president Alberto Fernandez, the Secretary of Energy, Dario Martinez; the Minister of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas; the chief of staff, Juan Manzur; the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo de Pedro; and the secretary of Strategic Affairs, Gustavo Beliz.


Aluar guaranteed its commitment to boost its production in the country

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In this framework, the only aluminum manufacturer in the country guaranteed its commitment to “strong investment in the energy matrix.”

After the agreement, Kulfas, Quintanilla and Martínez gave a press conference in which they described the agreement as “very important” and highlighted the benefits of “strengthening the industrial reactivation that Argentina is experiencing.”

“We are going to strengthen the production chain linked to aluminum with a line at subsidized rates for SMEs that make up that production chain and also a scheme for the commercialization of aluminum in the domestic market at competitive prices,” Minister Kulfas explained.

In turn, Quintanilla affirmed that Aluar “It is going to put its capacity to full”, which represents “a complete room” that will increase the jobs to 600.

Likewise, the executive announced that work tables will be opened to “recover the capacity that is currently idle and will allow the substitution of imports both in the automotive sector and in electrical wiring.”

Aluar Recovery

Last week, Aluar reported a recovery of its profits for $ 4,379.6 million during the year ended June 30 last and good expectations for the local and foreign terrain.

The recovery reported by the company represents a positive variation (in constant values) of $ 9,873.7 million compared to the results obtained in the previous year, when losses of $ 4,963 million were recorded.

In a note sent to the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange reported that, at the close of the fiscal year, the Puerto Madryn plant “is operating around 75% of its production capacity.”

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