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Over there in 2017, Valeria Lynch met Mariano Martinez, the leader of the rock band Attack 77, and a crush made them realize that something was happening between them. However, according to the singer herself, both were in a couple so they did not exchange more than a few glances and suspended a possible future meeting.

So much so, that time went by and the two musicians separated from their respective partners – it should be remembered that Valeria culminated in a legal and media scandal with Cau Bornes– and they were able to bet on what they felt at first and began an intense relationship.

To talk about their first steps as a couple, their personal experiences on the different scenarios of the country and also have fun telling anecdotes that they lived together, Valeria and Mariano were invited to the cycle The Mammons where they had a spicy round trip with their driver, Jey Mammon.

Within this context, the musicians were surprised to find out which famous people often confuse them with, and both revealed the incredible stories they starred in when various people called them by the name of another well-known figure in the media or show business.

It all started when Jey asked them if they were ever told a name other than his, and Valeria was the first to take the floor and reveal: “They have confused me with Nacha Guevara, but the worst is with Carmen Barbieri, I have an anecdote with her ”.

“I recently had a private show, we were entering the place, it was a well-known hotel in Puerto Madero, and I am about to enter the rehearsal and the security man was standing with his arms crossed. I say ‘good afternoon, I’m coming to rehearse for tonight’s event’ “, he continued laughing remembering the moment.


Also, to finish off the incredible moment she lived, the singer shot: “He tells me to wait for it a moment, takes out the walkie talkie and says’ attention, attention. Here is with me Mrs. Carmen Barbieri ‘… I didn’t say anything. I passed, I entered, I did the rehearsal. But when I came out, the man was outside on his knees asking me for forgiveness, I told him that nothing was happening ”.

Continuing with the laughter for the moment he had to go through, Jey Mammon wanted to know who Mariano Martínez was once mistaken for, and the singer revealed that they called him thinking that it was the actor who has the same name: “They called me on the phone, I was in the calm river, and they told me ‘I’ll just bother you for a second, I want to do a five-minute interview'”.

“They told me it was Carmen Barbieri, and they confused him with Mariano Martínez, the actor”

And, quickly, he explained the awkward situation: “I said yes, and they put me on the air. And I hear ‘well, we are here, he graciously attended us, he is just at an impasse in the recording of Diesel‘… I followed her for a few minutes, but then I told them’ check it out guys because I’m not that one ‘”.

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