No more Intel.  AMD wants its own Wi-Fi chips, MediaTek will help

Resources close to the diary Digitimes says AMD and MediaTek are considering setting up a laptop-friendly SoC joint venture. AMD is an expert in CPU and GPU, while MediaTek knows how to network, so their chip technologies would complement each other logically. Neither side confirmed the courtship.

The two companies began working together a year ago, when AMD decided that it wanted its own Wi-Fi network cards in its computers so that it would not have to rely on Intel. This year, AMD introduced the RZ608 chip with support for Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2, which, however, seems to be only a renamed MediaTek MT7921K.

AMD is also already gaining experience in licensing its own circuits to third parties. Together with Samsung, it is completing a new mobile Exynos 2200 combining an array processor and RDNA2 architecture graphics, which AMD uses in new consoles from Sony and Microsoft, its own Radeon RX 6000 graphics cards and also APU Van Gogh.

MediaTek is currently largest manufacturer of mobile SoC, controls more than a third of the market and is fleeing Qualcomm, Apple and Samsung. However, the Taiwanese company does not have its own production capacity and relies on ARM in two main circuits – CPU and GPU. Cortex processor cores are at the top level, but Mali’s graphics are the weakest on the market (after all, Samsung also wants to replace them).

Taiwanese are also major suppliers of chips for Chromebooks. In a joint venture with AMD, companies could prepare SoC combining Zen CPUs, Radeon graphics and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth plus 5G supplied by MediaTek. So if the Digitimes report is based on truth. Speculation of this important daily often does not come true in the end.

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