American producer told what will be the series based on Bykov's film "Fool"

Today’s high-profile film news – Yuri Bykov’s film “The Fool” in 2014, was acquired by MGM Orion Television for adaptation and is being transformed into an English-language series called “Collapse”.

Recall that interest in Bykov’s work for foreign adaptations, in particular American ones, is not the first time. His film “Major”, produced at the same studio “Rock” by Alexei Uchitel and Kira Saksaganskaya as “Fool”, formed the basis of the series “Seven Seconds”. The series starred Regina King, who received an Emmy Prime Time Award for Best Actress in a Miniseries and a Golden Globe nomination in the same category. “RG” closely followed this project and the awards it received – we wrote about this more than once.

The same team that worked on the film “Seven Seconds” will work on the series “Collapse”. This is producer Alex Resnick and his partners Lawrence Bender and Kevin Brown. The latter is best known for the TV series “Trumbo”. The producers of the series “Collapse” are also Vyacheslav Murugov and Vlad Ryashin.

The RG columnist contacted Alex Reznik and asked him to comment on the news. And here is what he said:

“Director Yuri Bykov creates social ideas for cinema that are relevant not only for Russia, but for the whole world. Here’s an example for you: in American Florida, a house collapsed three months ago and a hundred people died (here it is appropriate to recall that the protagonist of the film “The Fool” is a plumber who fights against a corrupt system in order to save 800 residents of an old hostel – it is about to collapse – approx. auth). The problems are the same everywhere. But the story is not about politics – it is about people who live in an emergency building. They are simple, not rich, and hope that they are looked after, and they have someone to rely on. We are developing the series in this direction. Let’s expand the lines of three families. The most honest locksmith, the mayor of the city and the chief builder. “Reznik called the Bloodline series, which was released on Netflix in 2015 and was shown in the Berlinale series program at the same time, as a reference for the Collapse. In Russia, the project is known under the name “Bloodline”. “Collapse” will be episodes and whether Regina King will play in it – the producer has not yet begun to talk about it.

It remains to be recalled that the film “Fool” received many awards – in the world and in Russia. From the Locarno festival to Kinotavr, where in 2014 Yuri Bykov received the Grigory Gorin Prize for the best screenplay and a diploma from the Guild of Film Critics and Film Critics with the wording “For uncompromising artistic expression.” The film “Fool” was also the winner of the audience vote.

And one can only assume: what if in the future, for foreign adaptations, Yuri Bykov’s films “The Watchman” and “The Plant” will become interesting? And also a new picture of the director “The Boss”, on which he is now working, as he recently told “RG”.

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