American raised in BA is found dismembered in the USA

Photo: Social networks.

The body of a Bahian woman named Nancy Howery Moreira, 44 years old, was found dismembered last Thursday (9), in a district of Floria, in the United States. She had lived there for almost 23 years and had dual nationality, Brazilian and American.

According to g1 Bahia, the victim had been missing since February 15. At a press conference, local police announced that the suspect in the crime was also arrested on Thursday. The man has been identified as Daniel Stearns, Nancy’s boyfriend, and is the prime suspect. He was charged with murder with a firearm, body mutilation and tampering with evidence.

Also according to the police statement, the suspect hid Nancy’s remains in a wooded area for several days. He returned to the crime scene, where he burned the victim’s body in an attempt to destroy the evidence.

After burning the body, Daniel Stearns scattered the remains in various locations to make it difficult for the police to take action. He was arrested after more than 50 hours of surveillance by local police.

Nancy was born in Boston, but came to Brazil as a child. She lived in Salvador, her father’s city, until the year 2000. Her Brazilian mother lives in Texas. Nancy lived in California until 2019, when she moved to Florida after getting divorced.

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