AMLO today: "If we did not have the support of the majority of the people, the conservatives would have already defeated us"

Mexico City.- AMLO Today he assured that if he did not have the majority of the population, especially people from low resources, the Conservatives would have already defeated him.

During the 111th anniversary of the beginning of the Mexican Revolution, the president mentioned that without this support, his government would have already had to submit to the whims and interests of the conservatives and become “Vases or puppets”.

The infamy committed against Madero has taught us that, for a public power willing to transform, there is no better ally than the people themselves. Nothing good can be expected from corrupt politicians, from the press that is sold or rented, from intellectuals convenient and of potentates dominated by greed. The key is in the phrase of President Juárez: “With the people everything, without the people nothing”, said the President of Mexico.

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In our case, if we were not supported by the majority of Mexicans, and especially by the poor, the conservatives would have already defeated us or we would have had to rectify and submit to their whims and interests to become vases or puppets of which they had gotten used to stealing and holding economic power and political power in our country, ”he said.

AMLO today: stated that without the support of the people he would not have resisted the “intense campaign” against him either.

Accompanied by members of his cabinet, as well as by Arturo Zaldívar Lelo de Larrea, Minister President of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN); by Olga Sánchez Cordero, President of the Senate, and by Claudia Sheinbaum, Head of Government of Mexico City, President López Obrador stated that without the support of the people he would not have resisted the “intense campaign” against him launched from the mainstream media and social networks.

We always said – that was my campaign motto for the Headquarters of the Government of Mexico City in 2000 – that for the good of all, the poor first. The aforementioned expression implies something no less important: to serve the poorest, is to play it safe to have the support of many when seeking to transform a reality of oppression and achieve the ideal of living in a better, more just, egalitarian society and fraternal ”.

President López Obrador affirmed that nothing is imposed on his government and that “Is commanded obeying” and all Mexicans are represented and not just a minority as, he indicated, happened in the past.

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The Constitution is respected, there is legality and democracy, freedoms and the right to disagree are guaranteed; there is full transparency and the right to information, no one is censored; human rights are not violated, the government does not repress the people and electoral fraud is not organized from the federal power; the public power no longer represents, as before, a minority, but rather all Mexicans of all classes, cultures and beliefs, “said the president.

The government acts with austerity and moral authority, corruption is not tolerated and impunity is not allowed; in practice, there are no charters or privileges; nature is protected; gender equality is sponsored; discrimination, racism and classism are repudiated; Moral, cultural and spiritual values ​​are strengthened, and the cultural and historical heritage of Mexico is cared for and promoted, as we are doing today, ”he said.

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