It was lightning (paralyzing) that struck the first floor of the Pink House without anyone expecting it. Half an hour before Peter’s Wado, the most powerful minister in the Alberto Fernández government, spread the letter in which he offered his resignation, the President and his main collaborators insisted that he would not make changes in his cabinet. What remains of the government, which was already in shock, ended up dismayed. The internal dispute turned into an institutional crisis

Nothing can better illustrate the surprise, the blow of effect and the summons to the President made by De Pedro and the most representative officials of Christianity than the decision to make available his departure will reach the media before the presidential office.

Cristina Kirchner and The field They thus force the President to resolve what he did not want to do. “Place order” is still the order. De Pedro ended up making all the signs that the vice president and the figures that best represent her come true (Alicia Kirchner, Axel Kicillof and Andrés “Cuervo” Larroque) had been sent to Fernández in the last 24 hours and that Fernández refused to accept.

The eloquence and publicity of the message prevented the President and his closest collaborators from trying any makeup. They admit that it is a tightening, whose main recipients, in addition to Fernández, are the Chief of Staff and the presidential alter ego, Santiago Cafiero, and the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman. Precipitating the exit of the last two is the hill they seek to capture.

Martín Guzmán and Alberto FernándezTV capture

The public resignation also confirms that one of the nodal points of disagreement between Fernández, the head of the ruling coalition, and La Cámpora goes through the Economy. That is the axis of all the criticisms of Christianity and the great cause, for them, of the electoral debacle on Sunday. Although mutual political motives and reproaches also abound. Doing more or less Kirchnerism is the question.

Two episodes that occurred this morning were anticipatory of the depth of the crisis and the partial outcome. The words of Minister Guzmán defending his management with mentions of Cristina and Máximo Kirchner were answered indirectly by De Pedro at the virtual meeting of the Council of the Americas.

The resigning minister said there, words more, words less, that the principle of agreement with the IMF reached by the Minister of Economy is unacceptable. He again demanded more terms and better payment conditions. He made clear the reasons why the signing of that agreement continues to drag on.

The crisis has ramifications that go far beyond the official internal and institutional stability, it also impacts at the international level. As if Argentina did not have serious enough problems and the sufferings of the population were not enough to prevent further conflicts.

Peter's Wado
Peter’s WadoThomas Cuesta

Until just a couple of hours ago, the President’s trip to Mexico scheduled for the day after tomorrow was not in doubt. He wanted to get out of the internal conflict for a couple of days, take oxygen and regain energy for what was coming. Once again Cristina Kirchner and hers changed her plans.

The antecedents do not help to bring peace of mind. In 2012 La Cámpora emptied the cabinet of Governor Daniel Peralta, a true ex-Kirchnerista, after fighting for several months. The future is increasingly uncertain.

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