Anderlecht receive maximum fine after fans misbehave again


The Disciplinary Committee of the Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA) has imposed the maximum fine of 5,000 euros on RSC Anderlecht, due to a series of fan incidents in the cup match on the field of amateur club La Louvière. 1B club Deinze and Dender from the first national also have a fine from their cup match in the sixteenth finals.


Today at 14:59

Besides a lot of goals – Anderlecht beat the home team 1-7 – there was also a lot of pyrotechnic material to be spotted in the Tivoli stadium. Even before the kick-off was given, the Brussels fans set off smoke pots and fireworks en masse. Pyromaterial ended up on the athletics track. Even after RSCA scored the first, third and seventh goal and the final whistle, Bengali fire was set off by the visitors.

Because RSC Anderlecht had often been prosecuted this season for supporter disturbances, the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office demanded the maximum fine of 5,000 euros as a sanction. The Disciplinary Committee confirmed that punishment, but RSCA asked for a lighter fine because of the many efforts the Brussels club is making to combat misconduct. “There were five incidents. This antisocial behavior should be severely punished. Given the seriousness of the infringement and the unfavorable disciplinary history, a severe fine is necessary.”

Deinze dropped to Club Brugge (3-0) in the Croky Cup. The 1B club maintains that cup match has a fine of 1,500 euros (of which 1,000 effective and 500 with delay), because visiting fans lit Bengal fire, black smoke pots and a white light before kick-off. And amateur club Dender also has to pay a fine after pyro use in the home match against Eupen (0-1). The Disciplinary Committee imposed a fine of 1,000 euros on the East Flemings, half of which was postponed.

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