Andrea Incontri: “Fashion really is for everyone, not just for some” | Interview

Italian designer Andrea Incontri has been at the helm of the historic United Colors of Benetton for less than a year, founded in 1965 by Luciano Benetton, in Treviso, Italy. The label brought democratic fashion to Milan Fashion Week with a colorful collection entitled infinity, which reflected the different generations that the brand has followed in almost six decades. Before the models stepped on the catwalkPÚBLICO spoke with the creative director.

Is it important to have democratic brands like Benetton at fashion weeks, as a way of showing that these are not just for the elite?
It’s good and very important, because fashion really is for everyone, not just for some people. I don’t believe in divisions, between upper and lower classes. This is why this project is so important, so that we can share our ideas with as many people as possible. In the collection, I amplify what the brand is about in a 360º project, which wants to speak to different generations and be, of course, democratic. This is why I speak of infinity.

Benetton Group
Benetton Group

What has changed in fashion in recent years? Is the parade still important? What makes clothes sell?
The fashion system is important to convey a message, it’s a big responsibility. For us, the show is very good, an opportunity to introduce ourselves to the market. It is the first and last moment of the system. We want to send a good message, with a good product. We work for a market on five continents, we have to meet the needs of the masses.

A parade is important to me as designer. I don’t like to send false messages, which are not coherent: when there is a difference between the piece we see and the message that is conveyed. I believe in few messages, but good ones. It is the expression of the brand’s values. There is a lot of responsibility at Benetton. I try to balance responsibility and message in a broader framework.

Feel the weight of legacy and the history from Benetton?
I’m very lucky because I grew up with Benetton. I know this brand and I have an affection for this project. It’s a brand full of meaning and with a story to go on – I’m a storyteller. Benetton is a symbol of industrialization. Serial production makes it possible to make fashion more democratic. That’s why I try to make my pieces accessible to a wide audience. There are two very important aspects to this work: materials and wearability. These are the essential coordinates.

Color is also key for Benetton as a brand. In color there is the empathy that is typical of a brand like ours, the social values ​​that have been expressed. Color means feeling, joy, belonging. Colors are life, they are dreams.

PÚBLICO was in Milan at the invitation of United Colors of Benetton

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