Andrea Valdiri

In video, the sensual dance of the businesswoman Andrea Valdiri to the ‘youtuber’ Felipe Saruma was recorded, with whom she has been bonding emotionally after the controversial relationship with the father of her daughter Adhara, Lowe León.

Although the also influencer has not confirmed that there is a relationship between the two, the truth is that Saruma shares family and intimate moments with her and her two daughters, so it is speculated that they maintain a relationship beyond a simple friendship.

Recently, the two attended a concert in Barranquilla, where they were caught dancing in a very sensual way, and it was evident how Andrea Valdiri wiggled her waist very close to the ‘youtuber’, who even took her by the hair and also danced to the rhythm of the music.

After the images, the comments of the users in networks did not wait, many of which support that there is a possible affective relationship between them. “‘Perreito’ soft with the couple, as it should be” and “rich a boyfriend like that,” they wrote on social networks.

This is how Andrea Valdiri danced to Felipe Saruma

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