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Photo of the press service of the Governor of the Moscow Region

On the eve of the Mother’s Day celebration, which is celebrated on November 28 this year, women with many children who live and raise their children in the Moscow Region were invited to the Government House of the Moscow Region.

“We traditionally invite those who have taken on a huge responsibility – to bring up children. I would like to wish the wildest dreams of our children to come true. And our dreams are to be proud of those whom we bring up, – said the Governor of the Moscow Region. Andrey Vorobyov… – A large family is pleasant, but very noticeable chores. I want to thank you for that. In 2013, there were 30.5 thousand large families in the Moscow region, now – almost 91 thousand – has tripled. The President draws attention to the support of those who need help, who are experiencing additional stress. For our part, we make sure that all benefits and payments that are provided at the federal and regional levels are automated, they should not be troublesome. We very much hope that families with many children will notice this and it will be easier for them. ”

The Governor presented state and regional awards. By the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, the spouses were awarded the medal of the Order of Parental Glory Chukaev from Stupin. Their family has 8 native and 8 adopted children, including children with disabilities. In their free time, they enjoy gardening and have started building a house. The Order “Maternal Glory” was received by 14 mothers who are raising 5 to 10 children. In these families, it is customary to pay a lot of attention to each child and develop individual abilities – for creativity, sports, sciences.

“Every person’s life begins with his parents. I thank everyone who helps with children – pediatricians, educators, teachers, I especially want to highlight the choreographic school “Inspiration”, which my three children attend, “said the mother of 5 children from Krasnogorsk. Ekaterina Voronkova.

The Governor thanked foster families for raising children who need parents: “In 2013, there were 44 orphanages in the Moscow region. This year, all of them in the Moscow region will be closed. This became possible due to the fact that foster families have invited children to their homes and give them love, attention and care. They have become truly dear. ”

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