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Angel de Brito he replied to his fellow juror of The Showmatch Academy, Jimena Baron, after the phrase he launched in The Academy Preview. It turns out that the mobilero asked Jimena, Pampita AND Guillermina Valdés, That they gave their opinion about their classmates, there Jimena spoke about Ángel.

It turns out that when commenting on the driver of Los Angeles de la Mañana, Jimena indicated: ‘He has no scruples and that’s why it works’“. Thus, Angel took advantage of the title of Town to which was added an ironic comment dedicated to his partner: “She works in the networks showing her grace “

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After this, a follower indicated that The Cobra, had started to criticize him more when he joined the jury of ShowMatch: “Since he’s on the jury he always fences you and criticizes you“. Always active in the networks, the driver took advantage of the comment and went for more.

Ángel took the comment from the follower and posted: “Everyone seeks their place when I entered I did not criticize those who were there “, thus the driver marked the difference between the two in a spicy way and made it clear that the singer grabs it with the search for prominence in the show.

However, this is not the first time that both juries have chicanered. On another occasion, Ángel pointed out against Jimena for the “friendly vote” that, according to him, he uses with Lizardo ponce. The actress has a good relationship with the participant and they share many outings.

Angel launched: “She spent months saying ‘I have to be fair’ and now Lizardo comes, does nothing, does not dance, and she says she saw it well. That’s because they go together to get drunk at this party, secrets are covered and she exchanges it with a score “, the driver explained critically.

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